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Want to feel energized and happy?!?


Just take a whiff of this laid back essential oil and satisfy those cravings for sweets and can also reduce anxiety when inhaled, and may also slow down your pulse rate when applied topically.  Use sparingly until you know the results for your own particular self, even though it's just so dang fragrant it's hard to be frugal with this smell!!!


Botanical Name:  Citrus Sinensis (Citrus Aurantium)


Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Enjoy a little bit of heavenly essentials today!


    Air Freshening ~ Bathing ~ Compresses ~ Hand & Foot Baths ~ Hair Care ~ Jacuzzis ~ Massages ~ Saunas ~ Showers ~ Sitz Bath ~ Skin Care ~ Steam Inhalations

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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