It's All about the bubble...

How did it all begin, you might wonder...?

I pretty much FELL into making soap...with girlfriends as

Christmas gifts in 1997, and after that because I

couldn't believe anyone would use any soap other than handcrafted!!!

It's true...once you try cold processed, rich, lathery, all natural soap, it's pretty darn difficult to go back to using one of those little, tiny hotel stubs they

leave for guests (not that I'm a snob, but hey, if the shoe fits)...

Actually, I began my business after being laid off a full-time admin job in

2005 and suddenly had enough time on my hands to make

my friends & family the soap they'd been hounding me for...!

At Sense of Harmony, we've spent  15 years making soap in small

batches, mixed by hand with all natural, locally supplied ingredients.

Which is WHY when we say,

"We believe this is the best soap you will ever use,"

we really do meant it!!!

We appreciate your time & hope you enjoy your visit!

Donna Rae Miller



'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'