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A sexy, pleasing fragrance of allspice and bay rum...known the world over for its recognizable, but distinct appeal!  These small slider tins are filled with a simple combination of beeswax and sweet almond oil; melted slowly with fragrance and essential oils to create an aroma that is long lasting, but not over powering!



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SOVEREIGN Men's Solid Fragrance Tin - 1/4 oz.

  • Our men's products were created especially for men ~ for the needs they have and the lives they lead…keeping in mind their daily rituals and differing lifestyles.  There is no 'one size fits all' with these products, because no two men are the same.  We wouldn't want them to be ~ what we want is for men  to be recognized, to regain their sense of Self, and to acknowledge they contribute something SPECIAL to the quality of our lives.  We hope you enjoy our products, because we appreciate who you are, just the way you are, fellas.

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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