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Roses bloom in June and often don't last as long as we'd like them with this charming essential oil you can have summer all year long...soothe your senses and plop some into your won’t regret it!  A fragrant oil used to aid with depression or as an antiseptic, and it's just WONDERFUL when used as an astringent for your face...or even a deodorant for your body.  Who knew?!?


Botanical Name:  Aniba Rosaeodora

Rosewood Pure Essential Oil

  • Enjoy a little bit of heavenly essentials today!


    Air Freshening ~ Bathing ~ Compresses ~ Hand & Foot Baths ~ Hair Care ~ Jacuzzis ~ Massages ~ Saunas ~ Showers ~ Sitz Bath ~ Skin Care ~ Steam Inhalations

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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