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Most toothpastes have peppermint in them, so most people already use this pure essential oil on a daily's even in chewing gum and shampoo!  Refreshing and invigorating, it stimulates and a great treatment for headaches, can soothe a nauseous tummy and improves memory and concentration...and who doesn't need memory improvement?!?


Botanical Name:  Mentha Piperita

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Enjoy a little bit of heavenly essentials today!


    Air Freshening ~ Bathing ~ Compresses ~ Hand & Foot Baths ~ Hair Care ~ Jacuzzis ~ Massages ~ Saunas ~ Showers ~ Sitz Bath ~ Skin Care ~ Steam Inhalations

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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