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Our Nature's Bouquet Exfoliating Wash has been greatly appreciated by consumers who use it in lieu of traditional soap products.


Its exfoliating elements are very effective in removing dead skin cells from your face, and also the daily grime from your body.


The smooth and soothing traces of light weight oils leave your skin feeling invigorated and healthy.


Best of all, this was Created Especially for Sensitive Skin!

Nature's Bouquet Exfolliating Wash

  • We take a bar of our sensitive skin soap, shred it and saturate with deionized water, mix in all those other fun, lovely elements that help save your skin, and voila!  An exfolliating wash that is gentle & safe enough to use several times a week!


    Contains: Oils of apricot kernel, jojoba, avocado; ahea butter, nettle leaf and chamomile tea, luffa powders, ground apricot seeds, aloe vera,Vitamin E, xanthan gum, handcrafted soap shavings (saponified oils of avocado, palm, coconut, olive and sweet almond), with distilled water.

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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