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May - Emerald (Deep Green)


Emerald, the birthstone for May, has been beloved for millennia, evoking rebirth and renewal.

The name ‘emerald’ comes from the Greek 'smaragdos' via the old French 'esmeralde', which means green gemstone. Variations of this rich green color suggest soothing, lush gardens. Legend has it that emerald has the power to make its wearer more intelligent and quick-witted, and it was once believed to cure diseases like cholera and malaria. Today, it is the gemstone given for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. The ancient Romans believed Emerald represented Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love. Hence why the color green has been the color of beauty and constant, unconditional love for centuries.

A deeper and more vivid color of green signifies a more valuable gemstone. The most valuable and beautiful emeralds exhibit an intense bluish hue in addition to their bold green color. Emeralds, among the rarest of gems, are almost always found with birthmarks, also known as inclusions. Some inclusions are expected and do not detract from the value of the stone as much as with other gemstones.

MAY - Emerald Birth Month Earrings

  • Handcrafted one pair at a time from glass beads with nickel free earring wires ~ we hope you will enjoy your special pair!

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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