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Choose any fragrance from our listing ~ if you can dream it, we can set you up with just about any scent you like...!


Let us know your final choice of fragrance at checkout ~ if you don't see YOUR favorite smell  in our product listing, we'll work on adding your idea to our fragrance list ~ there's always room for improvement!!!

Duet AromaMister 5ml

  • Both Misters and Rollers come in black, pink or silver dots...

    Mister bottles are filled with deionized water with a scent of your choice:


    Bergamot ~ Dragonsblood ~ Eucalyptus ~ GardeniYum! ~ Harmony Blend ~ Jasmine/GentleHeart ~ Lavender Smiles ~ Lemony Lemongrass ~ RoseBudTea ~ Spellbound ~ Sweetgrass Summber ~ Sweet Orange ~ Vanilla Whisper

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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