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Tree houses, torn up knees & warm sunshine freckling your face ~ that grand old cherry tree made a  fine haven for times we needed solitude, even back then . . .with a bonus of built in snacks, tangy & tempting right at your fingertips ~ and with Cherry Mist around, your memores of the old days are never far away!

Cherry Mist FreshenUP! Spray

  • 'Happier customers are a result of our mission to help you feel good, in simple ways, on a daily basis'…


    With our FreshenUP! sprays, anywhere can become a relaxing space when you spritz any one of your favorite scents around! But don't be limited to physical spaces when you can mist your face and body too...and quite literally, FreshenUP! your life!


    Available in Fruity, Floral, Homey or Citrus. No single fragrance floats your boat all the time, which is why we offer you so many choices!

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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