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Smooth on our jojoba and sweet almond massage oil and you'll melt into a little puddle of mush...or even better, have someone smooth it on for you!


We've been creating our special blend for massage clients and physical therapists for 13 years, and what we always hear is these oils have an excellent 'glide' factor.  Who knew glide could actually be measured...huh?!

Absolute Harmony Massage Oil Blends

  • At checkout use 'add a note' to choose your fragrance preference from our list and we'll help you get to LazyVille in a heartbeat:


    Bergamot ~ Cedarwood ~ Cypress ~ Dragonsblood ~ Eucalyptus ~ Gardenia ~ Grapefruit ~ Harmony ~ Jasmine ~ Juniper ~ Lavender ~ Lemongrass ~ Lime ~ Patchouli ~ Peppermint ~ Rose ~ Rosewood ~ Sage ~ Sandalwood ~ Spearmint ~ Sweetgrass ~ Sweet Orange ~ Tangerine ~ Tea Tree ~ Vanilla

'an intuitive understanding of a pleasing combination of elements'

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