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Main Category : ABSOLUTE Harmony Body Essentials

Harmony Smiles Natural & Soothing Lip Balm
We have a flavor for every day of the week and a smile for everyone in the house! With whimsical names and hints of essential, fragrance and flavor oils, you are sure to find at least one to suit your fancy!

Shady Lady Mineral Tinted Lip Balm
Naturally Brown, Red or Pink for those of us who want to keep life SIMPLE!!

Coffee House Lip Balms
A hint of coffee that's simply yummy - with absolutely NO calories! Espresso Bean, CoffeeNilla and MochaNut will charm your socks off and light up your morning Smile :-)

Wine Country Lip Balms
Harmony Smiles with a fun & fruity twist! Champagne Kiss, Chardonnay Mist & Mint JuLips will have you laughing right along with us! Zero calories & lots of fun:-)))

POPsicle Stix Lip Balms
Even when you're grown up, your Inner Child will love this new, yet traditional treat! in the form of a lip balm you MAY be tempted to eat ;-)

MAGIC Pedi-Bar
Smoothe away the rough edges of your day AND your feet with this exfoliating bar full of citrus sass, soothing mint & natural volcanic pumice! Your feet will LOVE you for it!!!!

Nature's Bouquet Exfoliating Wash
A wonderful alternative to traditional soap products ~ with gentle exfoliators and soothing oils.

Moisturizing Lotions & Creams
A superb combination of light weight oils, herbs & fragrance ~ perfect for personal or professional use, for day spa & weekend resorts. It's a wonderful treat to have our favorite smells wafting through the environment to relax and renew our Spirits!

Day or Night Creams
A light & fluffy union of natural oils & herbs ~ we find a little bit of this creamy concoction goes a long, long way! We now have a special version for all our lavender lovers!!

AromaRollers & AromaMisters
Available in both fragrance AND essential oil blends ~ the PERFECT take-along aromatherapy! Simple & convenient & a wonderful gift, with fragrances for women & men!
Roller & Mister Bottles available in Black, Pink or Silver, all with Silver Dots...

Massage on the GO! Solid
An alternative massage product ~ perfect for deep tissue & seated massage ~ very affordable & available in retail and professional back bar sizes.

Massage Oil Treatments
Available in scented and un-scented in a base of sweet almond & jojoba oils

Essential Oil Blends
Pure Essential Oils in a base of sweet almond & jojoba

Luxurious Bubble Bath
A shower a day will never replace the relaxation of a bubble filled bath tub ~ 'Step into the Giggles, and OUT of the Guilt!' with our light & easy sweetgrass & sandalwood blend.

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