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Main Category : FreshenUP! Fragrance Sprays

AppleSass FreshenUP!

Blackberry Heaven FreshenUP!

Blueberry Breeze FreshenUP!

Cherry Mist FreshenUP!

Citrus Spice FreshenUP!

Cranberry Bliss FreshenUP!

Forest Magic FreshenUP!

GardeniYum! FreshenUP!

Harmony Blend FreshenUP!

Herbal Storm FreshenUP!

Huckleberry Thyme FreshenUP!

Hunter FreshenUP!

Kickin' It FreshenUP!

Lavender Smiles FreshenUP!
lavender, rose musk, muquet

Lilac Dew FreshenUP!
lilac, violet, heliotrope

Lime Grapefruit Splash! FreshenUP!

MeadoWind FreshenUP!
sweetgrass, peppermint, cucumber, ylang ylang

Melon Madness FreshenUP!

Orange Velvet FreshenUP!

Peach Kiss FreshenUP!

Pear Delight FreshenUP!

Plum Garden FreshenUP!
jasmine, violet, cyclamen, bergamot, musk & ylang ylang

Raspberry Rain FreshenUP!

Rosebud Tea FreshenUP!
rosebud & chamomile

Spellbound FreshenUP!

Sweet Dreamin' FreshenUP!

Sweetgrass Summer FreshenUP!

SweeTeaPea FreshenUP!

Vanilla Whisper FreshenUP!

ZephyrMint FreshenUP!
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