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Someone once told me a Mission Statement should be simple ~ one line you
could speak without tripping over your words ~ and I have always believed
that you rarely stumble over what comes from the Heart. . .

'Our mission is to help people feel good, in simple ways, on a daily basis'.

That's my intention in this business ~ helping people feel good about
themselves, so they can feel good about their lives and what they do with them.

Sense of Harmony officially began in January 2005 when I was laid off a full-time
admin job in Portland ~ and friends began asking me the same old question,
"When are you going to make us some SOAP??"   These days I make a lot more
than soap...but as my friend Heather always reminds me...it's "all about the bubble!"

Some things aren't planned ~ and the Universe tends to send us the things
we focus our thoughts and energy on 
~ so I must have been doing
a LOT of thinking ~
and POOF!  Here we are!
Thanks for visiting us ~ we hope you EnJOY the Journey!
Donnna Rae Miller

Our satisfaction guarantee offers a 30-Day replacement for anything ordered online.
Simply return any unused portion in a  leak-proof, sealed package to:
1025 SE 209th Avenue  ~ Gresham, OR  97030
If you have ANY concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us ~
your feedback allows us do a BETTER job:-)

© Copyright - Sense of Harmony Handcrafted Soaps and Body Care Creations. All rights reserved.